Migrating from Google Guava Optional

Prior to Java 8, many applications used the http://docs.guava-libraries.googlecode.com/git/javadoc/com/google/common/base/Optional.html class in the Google Guava library to implement similar behavior to java.util.Optional.

Guava Java 8  
get() get()  
absent() empty()  
fromNullable(T) ofNullable(T)  
of(T) of(T) non-null reference
or(T) orElseGet(T)  
or(c.g.c.b.Supplier) orElse(j.u.Supplier<? extends T>)  
isPresent() isPresent()  
orNull() orElseGet(null)  
transform(c.g.c.b.Function<? super T,V> function)) map(j.u.Function<? super T,? extends U>)  
none ifPresent(Consumer<? super T>)  
none flatMap(j.u.Function<? super T, j.u.Optional>)  
none filter(j.u.Predicate<? super T>)